NÁPREVA gives rapid relief! Using patented technologies and processes, we’ve developed a powerful formula that aids in the reduction of discomfort due to pain, inflammation, muscles spasms, nausea, dizziness, anxiety and insomnia. NÁPREVA blends unique Terpenes with Hemp extracts into a proprietary Phytochemical Specific Formula.



Because everyone is unique, we designed NÁPREVA specifically for flexibility. That means you can find the right amount for you! Assess your discomfort on a 1-10 scale. Follow with 4 sprays under your tongue. Wait 60 seconds, then swallow. After 10-12 minutes, reassess your level of discomfort, then repeat as needed. Once discomfort is reduced, use 2-3 times/day. To aid with sleep, 4 to 6 sprays under the tongue 30 minutes prior to bed.

Black Rock Nutraceuticals is changing people’s lives, helping them gain control over their health by safely delivering the natural benefits from a variety of botanicals. We apply our proprietary technologies and processes to develop formulas that combat chronic conditions through completely natural means, delivering the benefits that you want, need and expect from real medicine.