Black Rock Nutraceuticals is changing people’s lives, helping them gain control over their health by safely delivering the natural benefits from a variety of botanicals. We apply our proprietary technologies and processes to develop formulas that combat chronic conditions through completely natural means, delivering the benefits that you want, need and expect from real medicine. 


NÁPREVA K9 is a major breakthrough in pain management for your dog. NÁPREVA K9 utilizes our patented technologies for extraction and isolation of phytochemicals from botanical sources. The results? We've developed a unique and effective, fast-acting anti-inflammatory and analgesic that has been shown to reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling within a few minutes of the first dose.



Dogs up to 60 lbs., give 0.5 ml twice daily. More than 60 lbs., give 1 ml twice daily. Dose can be increased if results are not seen within 3 days.