Our decades of front-line experience with botanicals has resulted in three  U.S. Patents. Yet it is our understanding of bio-chemistry that means our 100% natural products are applied at their best to meet YOUR personal needs quickly and safely. NÁPREVA is created as a condition specific product. The volume of each phytonutrient is established scientifically to maximize results based on bio-availability. Through the Entourage Effect, the inherent benefits of each ingredient are amplified by their interaction with other phytonutrients in our proprietary blend. Our products are set apart through this focus on true synergy.


We are able to apply our patented technologies to produce unique and proprietary Phytochemical Specific Formulas™, which can be further customized into condition specific products. The ability to apply these proprietary processes yields highly-effective solutions that deliver consistent and dependable results. These processes focus on extracting and isolating specific phytonutrients in pure form, with little or no degradation. Catalyzation is critical, producing the maximum effect from each ingredient because it is perfectly blended with other beneficial active nutrients. Our delivery process ensures that these uncut phytochemicals are available for human uptake.


The Endocannabinoid System has been called a “bridge between body and mind” due to its importance in our immune and nervous systems. Receptors are found in all of our organs with a primary goal of homeostasis: stabilizing our internal environment despite changes outside of our bodies. NÁPREVA is highly effective because of our combined focus. Processes capturing phytochemicals that are pure and uncut. Products formulated for maximum bio-availability. Delivered rapidly to our bodies while taking advantage of this system that touches virtually every cell and organ.