Delivery. One of Several Things That Make Us Different.


Black Rock Nutraceuticals has developed a breakthrough way to help reduce the effects of chronic discomfort. We have perfected a way to quickly deliver phytochemicals into the bloodstream via our sublingual formula, providing fast results in the relief of your discomfort. Here’s how:


Imagine a person that can gain all the benefits of quintessential Terpenes and Cannabinoids — all the calming and pain relief without the harmful effects of smoking. No burning, no odor, no health hazards from carcinogens, and no consuming of unwanted calories. Imagine further that because there are none of the byproducts of burning the plant, all of the health benefits are made available to the body.


Sounds like a revolutionary product line! It's that and more, exclusively with NÁPREVA from Black Rock Nutraceuticals. Through our patented technologies and Phytochemical Specific Formulas™, our products deliver condition specific benefits that are targeted for your needs based on usage. Expect More. Feel Better!